Through our advocacy role, we are able to reach influencers who are able to generate awareness, educate, and effect policy on elements constituting persecution. Some of our projects include:

  1. Letter writing to influencers including the Canadian Government:
    1. 2022 11 25 Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration: Plight of Pakistani and Afghan refugees 
    2. 2021 06 17 CBC, Prime Minister, Minister of Immigration: Interview with Prime Minister of Pakistan
  2. Awareness-generating presentations to interested and sympathetic organizations
  3. Running campaigns, together with partners, on certain cases or issues
  4. Appearing for media interviews, podcasts, and TV
  5. Participation on Facebook and Twitter as well as in Messenger groups
  6. Peaceful rallies and dialogues against violence
  7. Protests against the proposed education curriculum that only Koran and Islam be taught in schools
  8. Promoting justice for victims through our CAPC attorney and legal team to organize press conference and seminars

Presentation at Elim Church

Information Dinner June 2022

Some of our board members, and hardworking volunteers for this event!